The services offered by OPTRA include crew, technical and operations management, safety and quality assurance, procurement services and new building as well as retrofit installations expertise.

OPTRA offers quality shipping technical management by a highly qualified, professional, diversified and experienced team of sea going and shore-based personnel. Our primary responsibility is to operate our fleet in the most safe, clean, compliant, reliable and effective way.

Our aim is to provide innovative and reliable ship management solutions that ensure optimal vessels operation and performance. Modern ship management practices are applied across our managed fleet.

We are not only focused on daily operations, we are raising the standards, creating a culture where innovation thrives. Remaining at the forefront of innovation requires continuous improvements to ensure we outperform protecting our customers assets, cargoes and the environment.

Our tools include planned maintenance software application which incorporates ship specific maintenance planning with spare parts purchases and inventory control. In addition, modern condition-based monitoring solutions such as scrape down oil analysis, vibration monitoring and thermography are integrated which allow cost effective planning of maintenance work and spare parts purchases.

Our procurement network is in place to leverage our purchasing power through economies of scale. Contracts for goods and services are in place as to ensure significant volume discounts without comprising the quality.

Our fleet is diversified comprises of oil, chemical and asphalt carriers. Sophisticated and energy efficient vessels are included which are operated in the most detailed and cost-effective way.

Vessels with fully intergraded electronically controlled main engines and CPP propulsion systems are part of Optra’s managed fleet. As well as ships with energy saving equipment such as propeller ducts, exhaust gases scrubbers retrofitted ships, variable frequency converters installations and more.

Contact Information

110, Vouliagmenis Ave. & Zamanou Str.
Glyfada, GR 16674, Greece

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