We are committed to the protection of the marine environment. Our policy is to have zero spills to sea. We promote our employees’ participation to the establishment and continual improvement of environmentally sound practices.

The Senior Management is committed to:

  • Assign responsibilities and authorities
  • Establish, adequately maintain and implement an environmental management system (EMS) onboard and ashore
  • Continuously satisfy the:
    • Statutory requirements
    • International legislation
    • ISO 14001

We have established operating practices, cyber protection and specific commitments to:

  • Prevent environmental damage
  • Reduce our impact on the environment
  • Ensure sustainable development of our environmental performance
  • Continuously improve our personnel skills on environmental emergencies
  • Comply with all legal requirements, meet or exceed applicable legislation
  • Fulfill our compliance obligations
  • Ensure our employees’ awareness, training and commitment to our EMS
  • Regularly review and ensure compliance and effectiveness of our processes
  • Maintain public confidence in our operations’ integrity, by openly reporting our performance
  • Improve our understanding of external and internal environmental issues in consultation with people outside the Company
  • Provide a framework for setting, improving and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets, also made available to interested parties
  • Ensure all 3rd parties working for the company follow our environmental policy
  • Ensure that all employees accept this policy as a condition of employment
  • Carry out studies and establish programs for continuous reduction of environmental risks
  • Ensure that all persons working for and on behalf of the Company are aware of this policy
  • Ensure that we have no funding restrictions for the:
    • Waste management
    • Use of reception facilities for sludge and bilge water disposal
    • The continual improvement of the EMS to enhance environmental performance
  • Protect the environment, by:
    • Emphasizing the source reduction
    • Funding the effective maintenance and repairs of the systems, equipment and components on board
    • Continuously improve the EMS

The Management Representatives are responsible to ensure effectiveness and periodical review of this policy.

The DPA has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the full implementation of the EMS and for all environmental protection matters.


Captain George Vasilakis

Managing Director

Contact Information

110, Vouliagmenis Ave. & Zamanou Str.
Glyfada, GR 16674, Greece

(+30) 210 9119 300